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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Kiley!!! You're TWO!!??

We finally get to celebrate your 2nd birthday!!! Since you are a leap year baby, this is only the 2nd one we've actually gotten to celebrate! It also makes it easier for me to think you are only 2 when you are actually 8 years old today. You are my beautiful baby and you being a millenium leap day baby is just the beginning of what makes you unique. You have a huge heart and love to be my cuddle bug! Yes, you are quirky...your daddy could make a large list of your "issues"...but today is just simply a day of celebration! Thanks for giving me unconditional love and for making me smile!!!! I love you Susie Q!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snowmobiling Fun

We had great weather on Saturday and took advantage by hopping on the snowmobiles and heading out to enjoy the trails. Brad and Robby had gone out earlier in the week while I was out of town and they realized how cool the Long Lake trail was. They both wanted to share that with me. WOW! It was awesome!!! I've ridden on lakes before, but it has been a while. We rode pretty much the entire 17 mile length of the was fantastic! I was surprised by what were apparently once snow drifts out on the lake...they cause little hills...also known as JUMPS! Yikes! That was a surprise! Robby, of course likes those a lot! We're not "X Games"...but boy was it fun! We were on our way back to the house and Robby was way ahead of us. All of the sudden he stopped...hopped off his snowmobile...dropped to the ground...and started making a snow angel in the middle of the lake in a place where there was undisturbed snow. We laughed...and of course, I pulled out my camera. Pretty good angel, huh?

I had this desire to see if I could match Robby's 70mph...I did it! Don't plan to do it again, but boy it was a rush! Brad and I went out again after Robby went to work...we had a great ride...tried out another new trail for me and went down the channel for the first time. He was patient as I took time to snap a few shots. We saw our first porcupine of the season...he was way up in the tree and I could see lots of places on the tree where he's been eating the bark. As long as the pups aren't around, I really enjoy the strange little critters! It was a great day!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

One COLD Lunar Eclipse

Last night I decided at the last minute to do a little research to see if I could manage to get a couple shots of the lunar eclipse. I looked outside and shoot, it was already in process. Not sure if I read the time wrong or if the show started a bit early. Either way, I hustled and got both my camera and my tripod set up so I could go out in the COLD to see what I could get. I didn't dare check the temperature at the time or I wouldn't go back outside. Today when I checked, it looks like it was about -15 while I was out there. I went out, loaded the camera on the tripod, moved the tripod around in an attempt to dodge the tree limbs, and took a few frames. I didn't take the remote so I set the camera on self timer so I wasn't touching the camera during the exposure. I'd take a few shots then take the camera off the inside to thaw out...and wait for the moon to change enough to go back out to brave the cold again. I think I could have slowed my shutter speed down a bit after the shadow became larger to get better photos...but I'll take what I got...I was a lunar eclipse rookie after all!!!

Looks like the next lunar eclipse isn't until December 2010...hopefully it will be warmer next time!!!! It was fun, but did I was COLD???