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Friday, July 25, 2008

A little flower fixation...

...ok, a really BIG flower fixation...I just love them!! Some of these are in our "yard," others on the side of the road. I've been eaten up with misquitoes while taking some of these, but the results of some were well worth the annoyance. Flower girl...signing off...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A little parade...and a little baseball...

...makes for a very good day in my world!!!

We started out at "Cakes at the Lake" this morning. Record turn out...156 attendees. Michelle joined us just in time for the program. This month's program was bird calls. The presenter was incredible!!! He could whistle the bird sounds of about any species we threw at him. I was so impressed...he sounded just like them...he did all three loon calls, several owls, blue heron, and many different song birds. Oh so very impressive!!! Sorry no photos...because he was using the overhead projector, they closed the door...would have been like taking photos in a movie theater!

Brad convinced Michelle to spend one last day up here...after the short night of sleep and seeing how beautiful the day was going to be, it wasn't a hard sell!!! Because she was late and Brad and I were both working the event, none of us managed to enjoy the apple cinnamon pancakes the Hunt Hill staff had put by the end of the program and after cleaning up the program area, we were all starving...ok...we were all very hungry! Since we were going to go into Spooner to meet Kathy at Mark's baseball game, we decided to make our way there to find something to eat. We noticed something strange once we got to town...just about every square inch of the main street was lined with people's portable seating devices...people had staked out their front row seat to the Spooner parade in honor of the Rodeo. There was some major "stuff" going on there! We were able to get a seat at a sandwich type restaurant right there on the main strip...we ate and drank and pretty much just walked out the front door in time for the parade to begin. The only part of the parade I was really interested in was the Budweiser Clydsdales. WOW are they big and WOW are they pretty!!! Here are a few shots of the parade.
Is it me...or are they both smiling at me????

Once the Clysdales went by, it was time to head out to see Mark Turner's baseball game. More fun for me! Not only do I love watching baseball games, love getting a chance to see Kathy and Walt, but of course, I love taking photos at the game. Here are a few...

Too old for this...

Tonight we went to the Spooner Rodeo with Michelle, Donna, and Kevin. As Michelle explains it, I do think she and Donna are "sisters from another mister." Putting the two of them together is dangerous!!!

The forecast when we left the house looked as if we might get wet...well, the storm intensified after we left the house. We were able to see probably half of the event before the skies opened up and it downpoured. There was extreme lightening...but the strange thing was, there were still people in the metal bleachers and the show was continuing. Only in Wisconsin! The people in the stands and the performers were all drenched to the bone! We all took refuge under vendor awnings. It was quite a storm. We probably waited for an hour before it let up enough so we all wouldn't get soaked just getting to the car. I didn't take my camera in given the weather conditions, but Michelle had a "Gorton's Fisherman" jacket on so she took her's in. Photos compliments of Michelle!
As we were leaving the Rodeo, Donna and Kevin both told us how they thought it was quite funny that the "Pass Out" Gate showed Beer 50ft...for the rest of us, the sign actually read Beer Soft Drinks Food. I laughed until my stomach hurt!!

We all decided then to head up to Uncle Mike's for a "bump" as many call it here...Brad used to call them "orange whips"...ok, we went up to Uncle Mike's in Trego for a drink or two. The place is pretty nice...only thing I could see missing was a dart board...bummer for me. The place was quiet...then after a couple drinks, some fun photos with a rooster hat (not going into that!), the place came alive. A large group of people showed up together...they were drinking 190 proof shots and taking pictures as they passed the rooster hat around. As they were taking the photos, Donna was sneaking her happy little face into the background of as many photos as she could. It was a game...and she was winning by a landslide. It was totally funny...they had no idea it was even happening! Again, photos compliments of Michelle's new Nikon camera...she took some, I took some.

Here's an example of Donna getting in one of thier photos!!!
We finally packed it in and ended up home at 2am...we are old...we are too old for this when we know we have to be on the road to Hunt Hill in the morning by around 8am!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ouch! That hurt!!!

This is a female Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker...isn't she stunning!!! She took a wrong turn today and mistakenly thought the reflection in our window was an open space to fly and slammed right into the window. It makes us sad when that happens. I ran to the window and saw her laying on the concrete patio. I went downstairs and could see that she was alert and breathing ok...and was moving her head around watching me. I think she just got the bajeebers knocked out of her. It is so rare that I see these beautiful birds so I couldn't help myself, I had to grab the camera since I knew she wasn't going to be there long. Sure enough, after I took several shots, she regained her senses and took off. She flew to a nearby tree and took another little while there getting her wits about her. She then flew off. It was incredible to see her so close, but I'm sorry we gave her such a bad headache!

Happy Birthday America!!!

What fun we had over our long holiday weekend!!! We had a whole house full of friends to celebrate with us! The Lynch's came up from Indy as did our friend Jan on Tuesday and Wednesday night, Michelle joined us from Chicago. The Lynch's and Michelle are all repeat visitors, but it was Jan's first time. He made me laugh the minute he got out of his car...he said "I think I forgot to pay the park ranger somewhere back there." That says it all from a first time visitor's point of view...we do live out in the middle of what seems to be no where...amongst nothing but lush green trees and ferns with a little wildlife mixed in here and there and lots of beautiful lake water reflecting the stunning blue skies we had the entire weekend!!!

We did lots of eating, boating, laughing, eating, drinking, watching turtles lay eggs, wake boarding, eating, fireworks watching, photo taking, eating, and even a little bit of sleeping...oh, did I mention there was a lot of eating??? Having several good cooks in the house is dangerous on the waist!!! But of course, I love it!!!

Here are some photos of the fun...

Here are a few of the was my first time shooting fireworks so they are far from good...the first night we were on the boat and those photos were horrible...second night was at Tagalong and we got there as they were starting. They shot them all off in about 15 minutes...which means it was like having a constant finale...which, of course, is the hardest to shoot...I needed one more night to practice!!! Oh well...guess I'll have to wait until next year.