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Friday, January 8, 2010

An Interview with The Spooner Advocate

Last summer I enjoyed participating in my first fine arts fair in Shell Lake, WI where I met a reporter from the Spooner Advocate. He asked if I'd be willing to do an interview with him and he took my card. Lo and behold, he called me in December and asked if I'd like to do that interview. I of course jumped at the chance. How fun!!!! Yesterday the paper came out and there it was on page 11A, a FULL page COLOR spread on me and my photography. Yes, I jumped up and down when I saw it like I was about 4 years old instead of 44 years old!!! Frank did an incredible job capturing me in the article. I'm proud of where I've been able to take this passion of mine and look forward to where all it will take me in the future...all of the new people I will meet as well as all of the places I hope to see.

The full article can be found at:

Below are the photos that were included in the print version of the paper along with the captions he added...
Frozen in flight. Barb Ray, a photographer from the town of Birchwood, captured this unique image of a bald eagle in flight by panning with the eagle as it flew - tracking the eagle with her lens - and then taking just one shot that makes the eagle appear still in flight and the background moving. She captured the osprey with her digital camera as it ate a crappie. Both images were taken in Washburn County.

Baby Snapper. Ray captured baby snapping turtles as they left the nest in her gravel driveway and made for Mud Lake. The little turtles, covered in sand, appear as animated rocks.
Golden leaf dressed with raindrops.
An example of Ray's portrait work. (personal side note - this is Miss Maggie M - isn't she a doll!!!)

Leaving home. Ray shot this snapping turtle as it just leaving its nest, which happened to be in her driveway in the town of Birchwood.
Stare down. Ray captured this image just off the intersection of Cty. Hwys M and D, on the south end of Long Lake.
A special thanks to Frank Zufall for the opportunity and the kind words!!! And thanks to all of you out there that have been supporting this love of mine and willing to be my practice subjects! Here's to a wonderful and all!!!