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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The wait is over...oh and Happy B-day Honey!!!

First sincere apologies that I still haven't made time to upload some photos, I've been pretty busy. Today I feel the need to purge the anxiety Brad and I have been holding onto over the past three weeks or so. After much waiting, we unfortunately found out on Friday that Brad's job was eliminated along with 12,000 other co-workers at at&t. Thankfully my job is safe...for now...but we are building our dream life on two incomes, not one. Today has been tough...I have survivor guilt...we second guessed the fact that he changed jobs just 10 months ago (just for a moment though...we did what we felt was best at the time and who knew the economy was going to go to hell?)...I have cried at the drop of a hat...the tears are just hanging out in the top of my the meantime, Brad is strong and is only hurt by seeing me sad and a bit scared...I will allow myself one day...24 hours...only one feel sorry for feel sorry for the fact that we need to change the way we are be more frugal rather than so darn free with our 24 hours isn't up quite yet so no guarantees I won't shed a few more tears before I drift off to sleep...however, tomorrow is another day...and we are survivors...and we can be frugal...and Brad is a great salesperson and will find a new job despite the matter what sacrifice we need to make...and we are a great team...the best team actually...together we can accomplish anything we set our minds to...and it is Brad's birthday...a day to celebrate LIFE...Brad's LIFE!!! We are strong and we have faith that the path we have been chosen to take...this one for which we had no control in choosing...will be a good path...and we will make the best of it if it isn't as good as the last one we were on...we have each other and THAT is what is most important! I love this man and I'm so glad that I have him by my my partner for life. Rambling complete...I love you Brad and Happy Birthday!!! When I wake up in the morning, it is a new day...and I'll be done feeling sorry for us...I promise!!!!!!!!!